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  • Published: December 21, 2021
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Forter is looking for an Engineering Manager to lead and grow the ML Platform team.

About us:

Forter provides new-generation fraud prevention to meet the challenges faced by modern enterprise e-commerce. Only Forter provides fully automated, real-time Decision as a Service™ fraud prevention, with approve/decline decisions backed by a 100% chargeback guarantee. The system eliminates the need for rules, scores, or manual reviews, making fraud prevention friction-free. The result is fraud prevention that is invisible to buyers and empowers merchants with increased approvals, smoother checkout, and the near elimination of false positives - meaning more sales and happier customers.
ML is central to Forter’s work, and lies at the heart of our precision and performance. In 2020 alone, it enabled us to process e-commerce transactions worth over $250B, making decisions in real time, identifying fraud rings and quickly detecting new attack methods. Precision is crucial - bad decisions by our models cost us directly, and put money into the pockets of fraudsters.

Our adoption by merchants around the world provides us with billions of fresh data points every day. Our team of data scientists, analysts and cyber intelligence specialists continually identify new signals, engineer new features and research new models. But as the volume of data and  the number, type and complexity of models grows, so do the engineering challenges. In addition, as Forter’s product offering expands into areas beyond fraud prevention, we are able to apply machine learning to answer a broader set of questions. 

About the role:

The ML Platform team’s mission is to enable the widespread use of Machine Learning at Forter by providing frictionless and effective tooling. Today we work alongside data scientists and analysts to research new models, bring them to production and ensure that they provide reliable performance over time. As Forter’s ML adoption increases we must switch to a platform mindset - How will we enable teams across Forter to build, deploy and monitor ML solutions to problems in their domain?

Stuff you’ll be doing:

- Lead and grow the ML Platform team (5 engineers)
- Own the mission critical pipeline that smoothly trains and replaces Forter’s core fraud models
- Manage complex development projects, working with data scientists, product managers and other stakeholders to define features and scope, and to guide decisions and tradeoffs
- Designing the research environment and workflows to enable new machine learning research to be carried out effectively, and to transition smoothly into production
- Providing tooling to allow our models to remain effective over time, both by monitoring for drift in existing models and creating a robust and reliable process for retraining models
- Providing early validation that machine learning projects are feasible from an engineering perspective
- Collaborate with and build a great customer experience for data scientists and analysts using your tooling
- Mentor and guide engineers on the team, supporting their growth


What you'll need:

- Managed 3 or more engineers for 2+ years
- 5+ years of experience as a data-oriented Software Engineer
- A deep understanding of how Machine Learning projects are brought to production and knowledge of MLOps tools
- Practical experience of distributed data processing, for example Apache Spark or Dask
- Experience in working with public clouds (AWS / GCP / Azure)
- Strong Python experience
- Excellent presentation skills - can talk and explain at the right level of abstraction to different audiences
- Fluent in written and spoken English

Examples for projects your team would own:

- Fully automating the process by which our core fraud models are retrained, tested and replaced in production
- Introducing deep learning into our stack to allow us to more effectively retrieve data from our database of over a billion identities
- Providing tools to our analysts that allow them to develop a new feature and immediately determine how it will impact our fraud models 

What it’s like to work at Forter:

In Forter, developers who have founders’ mentality thrive. With many technical challenges alongside complex systems, developers get to lead and impact as much as they can and want. From leading cross-team, highly coordinated projects, to deeply technical and highly challenging, long-term projects.
We don’t have QA, we don’t have Architects (“CTO team”), we don’t have a NOC or SOC team. We look at our team as part of the system that we build, so we optimize the process and tools to fit our team. Most of our team has a generalist-mindset, but our system is vast and we have people developing expertise in areas they are passionate about. 
We are big believers in having Skin in the game as a way of setting the alignment of incentives to build things right, and picking boring technology as we respect the complexity of our system and business.
You should join to help us build a better version of Forter, rather than a smaller version of a large company.  If you’re up for the challenge, please submit your CV.
At Forter, we believe unique people create unique ideas, and valuable experience comes in many forms. So, even if your background doesn't match everything we have listed in the job description, we still encourage you to apply and tell us why your skills and values could be an asset to us. By welcoming different perspectives, we grow together as humans and as a company.

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